We spend the later winter and summer months splitting our logs to ensure that the wood is dry and ready for you to stoke your fire in winter.

Which is the wood for you?
Bush Jarrah is traditionally the most sought-after hard wood for home heating. Good quality dry jarrah should burn with minimal smoke and leave minimal ash residue. We supply Jarrah in blocks ready for you to chop or we will split it for you, ready for the fire.

White Gum on the other hand, is a denser and heavier wood than Jarrah and therefore burns slower and hotter. White Gum tends to leave more ash residue than Jarrah.

Firewood Delivery
We deliver to anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area. For those with less room, bulk bag deliveries can be arranged although standard load sizes are from half tonne upward. Of course you are most welcome to bring trailers or utes for self loading – or we can load for you.

Please CONTACT US to request a quote or place an order.

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