Better Firewood is simply a better way to light your fire!

We specialise in providing better firewood, with a better service for both your home heating firewood and pizza oven firewood needs.

Better Firewood is owned and run by friendly, local professionals, supplying high quality Jarrah and White Gum.

At Better Firewood we care about our environment so all our timber is sourced through the Forest Products Commission’s sustainably managed forests.

This means we operate according to the State Government’s management policy, which releases only limited amounts of graded firewood to a limited number of approved contractors – such as Better Firewood.

  • FACT: Wood heating emits less Greenhouse Gases than other forms of home heating.
  • FACT: Wood heaters deliver the lowest cost energy for home heating.
  • FACT: Over 1.1 million Australian families use wood heating.
  • FACT: Firewood is a renewable resource and the Australian Home Heating Association recommends reputable firewood suppliers and runs education campaigns on the correct use of wood heaters.

Source: The Australian Home Heating Association

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