For centuries Europeans have been enjoying the culinary pleasures of wood fired ovens. Australians are now embracing this tradition as it suits our outdoor lifestyles. Choosing the right wood is important. The last thing you need is a backyard full of smoke and nothing to feed your guests!

At Better Firewood we deliver top quality dry Jarrah or White Gum. We service many of the commercial pizzerias in Perth and are now offering our services to households and manufacturers of wood fired ovens.

They each have their features. White Gum is a popular choice for heating wood fired pizza ovens as it gives a nice consistent heat and the wood does not spit like jarrah can. White Gum being denser than Jarrah burns longer and hotter, but you do need to be a careful cook using White Gum as it leaves more ash behind!

Bush Jarrah is an old Western Australian favourite hard wood for BBQs and now wood fired ovens. It is a clean burning wood leaving very little ash behind. The curly jarrah burns longer in your oven. If your oven is in a windy spot, Jarrah may be the better option for you.

At Better Firewood we carefully select our wood to suit our customer. Our special mixed bags come with just the right amount of kindling with either Jarrah or White Gum (or a mix) for your burning needs.

One bag will last for two burns just right for the week end!

We deliver right to your door step in what ever quantity you like. Just enough for the week end or a plan-ahead supply if you have the storage.

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